To speed up your first visit, you are welcome to print and fill out the chiropractic intake forms. They are also provided in office for your convenience.

payment policy


Patients are responsible for payment after each visit. Most extended health care plans (workplace benefits) offer chiropractic coverage.


We now offer direct billing to most insurance companies! Alternatively, we issue receipts at each visit and are more than happy to help you fill out your claim form.



  • Chiropractic Initial exam: $90

  • Chiropractic Follow up visit including re-evaluation: $45

  • Chiropractic athletic taping: $10

  • Full exercise program with chiropractor: $60

  • Custom orthotics: Inquire

  • 1 Hour RMT massage: $92

  • 45 minute RMT massage: $79.50

  • 30 minute RMT massage: $67


All prices include HST